ConeTech is the core business subsidiary of Advanced Beverage Technologies. Other subsidiaries include: SpiriTech and PolarClad.
Founded 1991

25 years ago, when ConeTech pioneered the science and art of wine alcohol adjustment, winemakers had relatively little control over the BALANCE of key constituents in their wine. Remedial options for excessive alcohol were limited to earlier than ideal harvesting or flavor loss to crude alcohol removal methods.

Conetech’s Technology

ConeTech’s technologies, including the Spinning Cone Column, comprise the ONLY alcohol management system which loses no aroma or flavor whatsoever. That is achieved by a highly discriminating process of molecular separation at very low temperature in a high degree of vacuum.

Growing Global Footprint

From California to Chile, Europe to South Africa, ConeTech is the established leader in alcohol and flavor management services. ConeTech plans to further expand its global presence as the moderation of alcohol levels in wine gathers importance — and to make more widely available ConeTech’s new range of revolutionary services to spirits producers.

6 Experienced Winemakers

We’re more than just technology suppliers — we’re wine people. No one else in our business can claim to have six winemakers on staff. That’s because we seek to engage fully with our clients and their winemaking objectives. And we’re rewarded by the knowledge that literally hundreds of gold medals have been won by our clients’ wines around the world.

World Leader in Alcohol and Flavor Management Services; ConeTech specializes in alcohol adjustment using state of the art technology to gently reduce the alcohol in wine with ZERO aroma or flavor loss.

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